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inspired from ho-tongue's (〃・ิ‿・ิ)ゞ and yeolgrina_0827's (๑・‿・๑) 
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A zero calorie drink for my love

Folding her arms tightly to her chest, a petulant pout pressed to Lizzy’s lips as Myungsoo continued to deny her what she had wanted—uh, well, for at least a good couple of hours now, the most…

A milkshake kiss.

The idea had struck her whilst watching some cheesy romantic comedy film; something which her boyfriend never cared to pay much attention to—whilst her eyes would be firmly occupied with the movie, Myungsoo would fiddle with this, that and the other (generally it would entail, cameras, his laptop or his phone) so he could have considered it to be his own fault, as from the moment she’d seen it, Sooyoung had wanted nothing more than to plant a sloppy strawberry kiss right on his lips…

"I’m not doing it, it’s just… there’s something strange and childish about it, so no means no." Rolling his eyes with an irritated sigh, Myungsoo turned away from Lizzy’s expressions, which in the subsequent moments, had frowned into a dangerous scowl…

Of course he’d be in trouble now! 

Huffing as his response did not satisfy her in any way possible, Sooyoung stormed off towards the fridge, pulling out a large carton of strawberry milk; guzzling a large quantity down in one gulp—though as Myungsoo had turned to watch on with a look that could only be described as a mix of disgust and amazement (often some wondered how they even began dating to start) “that’s not exactly appealing to the eye jagiya…”

"Then why are you watching me? Do you get off on your girlfriend doing this?" Her lips quirk with an equalled amount of ‘disgust’ at his words, though this wasn’t entirely obvious given the amount of strawberry milk that was smeared across her mouth at that moment in time. Shaking his head, a small defeated sigh passing his lips, Myungsoo opted to let her just kiss him and get it out of the way; the more he resisted otherwise, the more determined she’d be to do it.

However, without warning, Lizzy sprung into his chest, pressing a sloppy yet—surprisingly sweet kiss to his lips, Myungsoo’s eyes widened, hands frozen out like raptor claws mid way between their waists. Pulling away with a mischievous glint in her eye, Sooyoung pressed a thumb to his lip, continuing to smear the milk across them. “Aww, see, now was it really that bad, yeobo-ah?”

…. now why would Myungsoo be so silly, as to reply that he secretly enjoyed it?

Besides, he’d get his revenge later on. Two can play the food game.  

April 08th
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be mine japan myungsoo x flashback lizzy
∟ inspired by callmechodingboy's ; soo pic by ©
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Don’t you see the childish me in your eyes?

With a tender and tiny kiss to her forehead, Woohyun heaved himself up from his previously slumped position on the couch; now the gesture, should only have been perceived as nothing more than a friendly exchange of affection…

However, when one Lee Howon comes into the frame, even the slightest expression of playful banter, no matter how physical or spoken—becomes the trigger for a series of childish jealous ‘tantrums’; well, it was probably the best way to describe the events.

And this occasion was set to be no different.

Shooting a glare to the slightly elder male, oh if only it could kill, Hoya would be given the death sentence—over and over again; he’d always protest that he couldn’t help it, but jealousy was something that he’d suffered with horrendously in ever relationship ever. A guy would only need to place a hand to his lady’s shoulder and he’d flip his shit. It’s not that he wanted to, but more of a natural instinct which took over, possessing his emotions and holding them hostage until the rage flew out. 

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"How many kids do I have? Well… three, including my husband…"

With her hands firmly planted on her hips, Jinah heaved a deep sigh at the sight before her, whilst her youngest—a mere eight months old, babbled and cooed to herself; Sujin, the princess who will most certainly take after her mother, the “eldest” child Soohyun, a miniature womaniser in making at the tender age of five, sat in complete awe of his father—or as Jinah liked to put it, the third child in this family, as he taught him how to make hearts with his thumb and finger.

"Now—when you have your noona’s attention, there’s a few ways to seal the deal, either press it to her cheek, or send a multitude of hearts over your head, though really, any son of mine is going to be a winner, no matter what."

Rolling her eyes, Jinah brought Sujin up into her arms, shuffling over to nudge Woohyun’s protruding butt with her foot—of course he had to squat, but the temptation was too much to let slide. “You know I love you, but if Soohyun grows up to be a greaser like you, then we’re going to have serious problems and I blame you entirely for it Nam Woohyun.”

"Ah but honey, he can’t become a shrew! Besides… am I crazy or were you fawning over these moves back in the day?" Wriggling his eyebrows with a smug grin tugging on his lips, Woohyun slipped back onto his palms, glancing up to Jinah—who, naturally, pressed her foot to his crotch, a deterrent… or at least she hoped so.

"I can’t wait until you have to enlist, seriously." However, even with a quirk of her lip, displeased as always with the man she loved, Jinah couldn’t fend off the urge as his knowing look followed with a smirked whisper "not in front of the kids baby…" Picking up one of Sujin’s bears, Woohyun placed it in front of his face and waved the arm, cooing "umma is grumpy! she reminds me of your uncle…"

Stamping her feet with a soft whine, Jinah quickly passed the infant down into her husbands arms, pouting as she stormed off “SHUT UP WOOHYUN, I swear you’re such a stupid kid at times!”  

March 07th
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∟ Sunggyu x Eyoung; requested by mrsgyugeegee()

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∟ infinite - april teaser / after school - shh

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140228 Uee @ Infinite's One Great Step Returns
© Newsen
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140228 Uee @ Infinite's One Great Step Returns
© Newsen
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